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    There are a few ways that you can look for new content if you don't choose to have any email notifications set up. In another thread here regarding notifications you saw where you could set up "Alerts" as one form of notification. Below is an example of how those notifications work. Click on the "Alerts" link (which will have a number of alerts next to it if there are any) and you will see a screen that shows the latest content.

    Alerts 3.jpg

    If you would like to check for any new posts, that is to say content you may not have seen... go over to the left side of the navbar (short for navigation bar) and click on the "Forums" link. A drop down menu will appear and at the bottom of that list is "New Posts". Click it and you will see any content you have not seen before.

    New posts 2.jpg

    New Posts 3.jpg

    Finally, you can also see new content without clicking anything! Take a close look at the word balloons on the left side of the individual forums. Anything that has new content from your last visit will have a darker shaded word balloon next to it. That means there are new posts in that forum.

    Forum New Posts.jpg

    That's all for today folks!

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