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    Bet that got your attention there has been some concern about how the donut crop has been doing in the storage bins with all the cold weather we have had lately rest assured they are doing well I had a rather trying journey to get to the binsite I picked the donuts for this work weekend which is coming up this Saturday at Larson Welding and Machine Starting with the morning session of useless information updates followed by donut portraits if you so desire We also have a few projects to work on the fifty case needs plumbing and get the boiler ready for hydro install ash pan, Finnish the garbage bag rings and the push pull bars and Ortner train project lunch will be served by Casey Jo's Catering hope to see you there
  2. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi Louie,

    Thanks for the update. I hope to get in for a while in the morning. I have some 'honey do' that need some attention. Hopefully I will be able arrange to work on them in the afternoon.

    Jerry Christiansen
  3. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi everyone,

    This was the first Work Weekend I was able to get to this year. As noted above, I didn't get to stay long. I got to say hi to some friends and a took a few pictures. Some of the Ortner Crew was there.

    Louie gave Kerry and Emilee B got the low-down from Louie.
    Feb ww 02.jpg

    Emilee was looking at this.

    Feb ww 01.jpg
    These are wheels and axles for the caboose they are building for the Ortner. I don't remember who sat down on the wheels and commented that the wheels were a bit chilly. Apparently they came inside just a few minutes before we got there.

    Feb ww 07.jpg
    The assembly on the pallet is a truck from the tender that was brought in for a pattern. Most of the other items on the pallet are new pieces. Roger M said that he had made quite a few pieces. He didn't know where they go on the project, he was just told, "Make some pieces like this."

    Feb ww 13.jpg
    Dan L drove up from this Twin Cities. He said he left about 3am.
    Feb ww 12.jpg
    Lucky for Kerry and Emilee, they were busy at work when Dan arrived.
    Feb ww 15.jpg
    The piece on the right end of the channel iron is one that Roger M made. Hopefully someone will explain it to us.

    I got Kerry and Emilee out of the way long enough to see what was on the bench in front of them.
    Feb ww 16.jpg
    What are all these pieces?

    More pictures in a bit.
    Jerry Christiansen
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    Been busy at work and then at home, so was helping Jane with honey due shopping and we stopped for lunch at 12:30:biglaugh: Just kidding. Said high to some folks and then left. It was good seeing all of you that I had a chance to say high to. I am hoping to make the next work weekend. Not complaining but this winter has been full of work all winter.:banghead3:
  5. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi again all,

    Clayton, I hear what you are saying about busy. I hope that I can stay for the entire day at next month's donut day.

    I have a few more pictures.

    Usually Ray W get stuck on the lathe that is back in the corner. It looks like Sanders has been hanging around with him too much. Ray wasn't here, so Sanders got sent to the corner.

    Feb ww 17.jpg
    You can't see it in the picture, Sanders is working on one of the axles for the Ortner caboose.

    Kenneth got to work on the lathe close to the front door.

    Feb ww 18.jpg

    Kenneth is working on an axle, too. Notice that Sanders is coming up to the front to check on Kenneth.

    The 50 Hp Case was back in the shop.
    Feb ww 04.jpg

    Below you can see a bunch of parts on the step.
    Feb ww 06.jpg

    A look at the back shows a lot of work to be done.
    Feb ww 11.jpg

    There isn't a lot of room around the engine, a person can't get back far enough to see the entire back of the tractor. The water tank and the tenders need to be installed.

    Feb ww 10.jpg

    The water tank was in the other room. I understand a small crew got together last weekend and put it together.

    Feb ww 20.jpg

    I didn't look close enough to see what the crew was working on.
    The time was about 10am and I needed to head out to work on my honey do list.

    Hopefully someone else will let us know about the progress made on the projects.

    Jerry Christiansen
  6. M Kerkvliet

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    Thanks for the pictures Jerry! I have not been able to make it to any of the work weekends this season because of other commitments. I'm glad to see that many others are holding down the fort!
  7. Ray Wangler

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    To echo Mark, thanks for the pictures Jerry! I feel terrible having only made one work weekend this winter! Sanders is certainly an upgrade, I hope to become his assistant someday...…'ll take a lot of work on my part! I'll be there this Saturday, barring creeks rising and such. Looking forward to crop surveying and whatever else Louie and Jim have in store for us.
  8. Jerry Christiansen

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    Thanks for bouncing this back to the top. I hope to be there this weekend. I need to look at the honey-do list and see how much time I can get off.

    Jerry Christiansen

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