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Discussion in 'Prayer Forum' started by cjmlarson, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. DOXEY41

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    Thanks everyone. He is at home resting this weekend. Three more treatments next week and go from there.
  2. DDoxey

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    With my check up this summer we received the news that the cancer had returned. Treating it with radiation again would be risky so they are treating it with Chemotherapy. I have had 4 treatments now, there are up and down days and I am losing the little hair I have left. Mustache remains ok so far! Next week they are going to try Immunotherapy along with the Chemo, they say the treatments will not kill the cancer, they just want to control it. At 3 months of treatment they will do a scan and see the results. I am still working and enjoying life as normal. I am not real good at letting people know whats going on.
  3. crystalaakre

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    Praying for you Dave! Good thing you have your spirits up. Sending you good thoughts.
  4. cjmlarson

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    Thoughts and prayers are coming your way. That mustache must be as stubborn as you!! Hope to see you soon.

    Jane & Clayton
  5. M Kerkvliet

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    You are in our thoughts and prayers here Dave!

    I know you are a fighter and your positive attitude will really help in your fight! Keep it up!!!

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