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    The shows D8 Cat had some serious issues with the transmission. Wouldn't you know, we have a member, Clayton Larson, who just loves to work on these things... used to do it for a living, and is just so excited to be digging back into ours! :hide:

    I have not followed the whole story from the start, so I am not sure of all the details, but I got to watch a little today as it was going back together.

    Here is a picture of Clayton getting right after it (right) as Jon Roeder helps out. I think Donald Clarke was helping out for a while too... and there may have been others.


    Whats the whole story on the D8 Clayton?

    BTW... The Avery with the missing wheel has a story too! See here... http://www.wmstrcommunityforum.com/showthread.php?t=368
  2. cjmlarson

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    D8 Repairs

    This unit has had a rough life. A while back, the engine had to be replaced and the boys from Kentucky were able to come up with an engine for that repair. After that, the clutch seemed to continually give trouble, but then we found that it wasn't the clutch at all. It turned out to be the input shaft in the transmission (bearings had failed). On these old units, it makes working on them much easier, to just remove the engine to do the transmission work. At Rollag we may do a few extra steps, but we're not paying a labor rate, so making things easier to work on works for me. So we disassembled the transmission completely, replaced all the worn out bearings, repaired a couple of shafts and reassembled. We will be doing a small amount of undercarriage work (track carrier rollers) and also installing the engine and clutch. The plan is to get it up and running before the show. :praying:

    Below are a couple pictures of my son Mike helping me in the disassembly process.
  3. cjmlarson

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    Transmission Disassembly

    Just getting a good start on disassembly.

    Starting to remove shift quadrant linkage.

    He was finding lots of 'treasures', such as roller bearings, broken shift forks, metal filings. You get the picture...
  4. GrantJD

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    Looks like you guys have been busy Clayton keep up the good work
  5. cjmlarson

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    D8 Progress Update

    I have had some inquiries on how the D8 is coming along, so thought I'd fill everyone in on the progress. There will be some photos in the near future (right Louie?).

    The engine is installed and running. Clutch and transmission works good, :bannana:

    BUT......while running it, it decided to quit steering in one direction. After troubleshooting, Louie & I found that the bolts that hold the left pinion flange to the brake drum had fallen out. So, back off comes the fuel tank, and top transmission & steering clutch housing cover. This means that we have plenty to do this coming work weekend.

    The D8 is trying to get the best of us, but so far we've had an answer for everything it's trying to throw at us. :aetsch:

    But the Show is getting closer, so we need to keep after it so we can pull dump wagons with it. IT WILL LIVE AGAIN!
  6. louie

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    D8 assembly

    sometimes I get a little slow or maybe just lazy but anyway enough excuses here are a couple of pictures of the engine going back into the D 8 with the help of George V. of Jim's towing fame who just happened to be driving around with his wrecker that day!!!! a great big thank you to him and his son Vince who came out one cold rainy day in May and lifted the engine out
  7. cjmlarson

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    It lives again!

    You are correct Louie, that made putting in the engine a piece of cake. After all the trouble it tried to stall us on reassembling and then with the brake drum / steering clutch issue, it works:) . I heard that it has already drug around a few things on the grounds that needed big power and traction. Now all it needs is some small repairs to finish it up.Thanks to everyone that helped with this project so far,it should be good to go for the show.:bannana:

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