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    I posted this to our facebook group and also email list: But hopefully posting here as well will get out to everyone involved!

    CASE EXPO 2019!!
    Few things we need to figure out in a very short order:

    --ASAP!!! If you have one of the (6 total) banners made for this year we NEED TO KEEP TRACK OF WHERE THEY ARE. We want a couple to go to Big Iron and a few to Andover next week, and if others could bring them to shows in the next month that would be great! If you have one, please comment so we can track them down.

    --I have started a form online that ANYONE in this group can add to for getting an idea of what equipment is coming next year. Access it here:…/1qzRBNuIkGnk-123DT_W8yY31tz…/edit…
    This will also be how I can get information together for pre-ordering printed signs for your exhibits like we had in past years. Adding to this list will also help us figure out budget for transportation, banquet, plaques, etc. The sooner the better.

    --We have a meeting in three weeks, on Wednesday, September 26th in the mercantile to discuss budget planning that we need to submit by October 1st. Please plan to attend or discuss any items before with Eric Nelson.

    -- I would like to get the poster ready by the annual meeting at the end of October or earlier so we could possibly get some out to people then. (Normally we don't print til before Spring Steam Up). I NEED PICTURES! If you took good photos this year of Case Equipment or know anyone that did, please share. I end up stuck in the TMB and don't get out to take any during showtime.

    Thank you everyone, let me know if I should add anything. You did amazing this year, so 2019 can only be better!
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    If you would like to purchase a CASE EXPO 2019 banner to use and keep, please comment here or send me a message. If I order by Sunday there is a discount so they are about $25 each (with shipping). 2' x 6'. Please let me know or add your name before Saturday, Sept. 15. The more we order the more the price goes down.

    If you already commented on Facebook, no need to post twice. Thanks!
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