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    Hi everyone,

    Like everyone else, I don't like my fun events to be canceled and I don't like to be inconvenienced in any way. We often think that way out here in ND or rural MN we don't have to worry about the something like COVID-19 coming here. If you haven't heard the news on 17 March, it is here. Two cases near Minot, two cases near Bismarck and one near Fargo.

    This article contains some animations that demonstrate how diseases spread and how people staying at home can slow the spread. No, we will not be able to stop the spread.

    If you still think this can't affect you in your little home town of Lost Overshoe, MN or ND, consider this when you are sitting next to the person at the café, bar or church. How many of these people have been to the big city? How many of them have been in an airplane in the last while? Who coughed on them in those situations?

    Let's not panic. It is too late to buy toilet paper, the stores don't have any right now. Let's do what we can do. Let's limit our exposure as best we can. We need to keep the carnage low enough so our medical industry isn't overwhelmed.

    Jerry Christiansen
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