CALLING ALL WORKERS - June 17-19th, 2016

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  1. jojo

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    The building of the new picnic shelter located in the Sandbox will take place June 17-19th.

    We are hoping to start and FINISH the project that weekend - so we NEED all hands on deck. Please bring tools - knowledge is helpful, but not necessary as there will be MANY teachers/mentors on hand to help guide us through the project.

    The rafters will be built ONSITE at Earl's Mill (he wants a crew of 5-6 people to work with him all day) - thanks to Merlyn for leading this group on that part - and the roof will be steel - ( so NO shingling!)... this is slightly smaller than the one on Main street.

    Food will be provided to ALL workers on this project - via the Sandbox Lunchbox. Since Steam School is going on - the mercantile is off limits for workers. So come work - have some lunch and in the evening catch up with everyone else that is on the grounds for various things over the weekend.

    If you have ANY questions - please do not hesitate to ask on here - or contact me (Jo) at 701-866-2211. I will do my best to either try and answer them - or find someone that can. Hope to see you all there! How WONDERFUL could it be to do this in ONE weekend?!?

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  2. dachtera

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    Count me in!
  3. mrnewway

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    Looks like Merlyn will be busy, hope he gets a good crew for the rafters.
    It would be nice to get it completed in one week end and with good help it will happen.
  4. jojo

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    There was a slight change in the plan... we need to bump up the rafter building to THIS weekend ( June 11th, 12th - 2016)... from my understanding the pieces are all cut and ready for assembly at Earl's Mill. Merlyn is the the contact person. We are looking for a minimal crew (may 3-6 people) to put them together - so that we can get them out of the way for NEXT weekend as Earl's will be busy for Steam School.

    We are still a go for NEXT weekend (17-19th -2016) though for the completion of the shelter in the Sandbox. If we complete it early - there is another list of TO DO's in mind for the Sandbox. If you have any questions - or can dedicate some time to either weekend - please do!

    Thanks !!!

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