Buckeye Trencher Turns for 1st Time

Discussion in 'General Construction Discussion' started by cjmlarson, Dec 29, 2007.

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    Here's a couple of short clips that I finally got to upload. Just click on the start arrow to view. I wanted to do longer clips but our DSL would not let us. This was the Wednesday before the show, 2007. I couldn't get it all downloaded, but the very first time that Mark H. engaged the trencher, it killed the engine. Nothing more than stiff & rusty from sitting for 50+ years. In the 2nd clip, it shows the trencher doing a test dig :bannana: and we realized that we needed to move to a more neutral area due to the fact that we dug up a red warning ribbon that said 'do not dig here'. Thank goodness Louie was paying attention and saw the ribbon, since the rest of us were just estatic that it was working and were not paying attention.:hide:

  2. cjmlarson

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  3. M Kerkvliet

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    Thanks for re-posting these Clayton and Jane. I think they are the only video of the trencher in action!

    BTW... I like the part in the second video where the red tape shows up! "It says do not dig!" I guess that is why they make that stuff!
  4. Armand Tatro

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    Viewing videos

    Why can't I view the videos. I am logged in I think. Seems I can't vies any videos . Tried this one and the steering engine of the roller and I think none of the steam shovels as well. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help. By the way do you have any of these video clips for sale? Armand
  5. M Kerkvliet

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    We are having trouble with video posted hosted on Photobucket. That is why they will not play for you.

    I will talk to Jane and Clayton and see if they can re-post them to YouTube some time.

    Sorry for your trouble.
  6. mikefrommontana

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    Buckeye Trencher on Youtube

    Not sure if anybody uses this forum anymore, but here is one video I found on You Tube, guessing it's the first one.


    Neat stuff nonetheless.

    Michael Seitz
    Missoula MT

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