Breakfast on the Farm... Earls Mill Style!

Discussion in 'Earl's Mill' started by M Kerkvliet, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Some pictures of Breakfast on the Farm 2008. Earls Sawmill was up and running, and put on a great show. Being near a lot of the activity for the event, they had a steady flow of visitors stopping by.

    Roger, Merlyn, and Dave have a favorite engine they like to see belted up. Of course, we cannot say which one it is as it may offend some, but I think I know. I will never let the cat out of the bag though...


    A view from the inside looking out...


    One more for now... Roger gets into a big pine log. They were making 1X lumber today. All of the boards will be dried, planed, and then put to use on the show grounds for the many projects we do every year.


    Maybe Roger or Merlyn will explain the whole process here!

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