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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by karl stange, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. karl stange

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    I'm searching through a data base of records and came upon this interesting bit of history and wondering if the mentioned Aultman Taylor is still on the show grounds.

    Title: "Between Two Rivers: A Centennial History of the City of Christine and Eagle Township, 1883-1983"

    From Page 63:
    "n 1913, there was a survey made for the Meridian Road. This was later known as "Old Highway 81." Roads were graded as township funds became available. Horse graders were used with eight in front and four horses pushing a blade behind the grader. Great progress was made when an Aultman-Taylor tractor was purchased. This was used for grading roads during the 20's and 30's. This tractor is now at Rollag, Minnesota, at the grounds of the Threshermen's Association."
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  2. Sid Fossan

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    Hi Karl.
    Great stuff. You will see in the article the names Jeff and Donald Fossen. No relation to us Fossan's. The Fossen's with the "en" had all the money. Those with the "an" unfortunately did not. :-(

    My dad was a Blade and Grader operator. Blade men knew the difference between a Grader and a Blade. Dad explained it to me this way. "A grader is a Grader when it is establishing the grade of the road. It is a Grader only once. Once the grade is set, then the machine becomes a Blade which is used to maintain the road and not to change the grade." Bernard was a pretty smart fellow with only and 8th grade education, and this always made sense to me.

    Once again Karl your research is amazing.

    Take care, be safe, looking forward to seeing everyone on the hill.

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  3. Ned

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    There's a few possibilities of the Aultman Taylor's there's a 30-60 gas tractor and there was an Aultman Taylor steam engine that used to be at the show and one day it will be back.
    If I had to guess it would have been the 30-60 gas tractor those tractors were known for being one of the best tractors for road building, even now days those that own one say how nice they are to start and run. I'll see if I can find a picture of the tractor.
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  4. Ned

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    ** correction Rollag is home to a 22/45 not 30/60 I was confused
  5. karl stange

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    I'm wondering if Danny Roen helped in getting this mentioned Aultman Taylor to the show.
    I need to call Daniel and ask him about this machine.
  6. craig mattson

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    Very neat find thanks for sharing Karl

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