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Discussion in 'Earl's Mill' started by dachtera, Sep 8, 2017.

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    What would be needed from me, or a crew to help in getting the folding benches like were made for the Nelson, built for the TMB. The old movie seats are nearly shot, and require something with forks to get of the stage. The cinder blocks continue to be problematic, and I have a lovely injury from one scraping me shin to ankle this year while setting up.

    I believe this has been requested a few times in the past, but this coming year I feel there will be a need for a simpler bench setup, as I may not have the availability to setup the seating as I have in the past.

    I'm happy to line up a crew to do whatever needs to be done to make benches. I estimate currently we have about 40 rows of seating setup in the TMB each year between the cinder blocks and old movie seats, which are roughly 10-12ft wide.
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    If I were you Tim, I would contact Roger Meyer who designed and built the benches for the Nelson Building. You would need information about cost and who could make the brackets for them... and then if there would be enough lumber from Earls Mill to build them. I cannot think of a better design for comfort, setup and storage. Maybe build a few this year and more in the future. Seems like Roger built those for the Nelson building over a 2 or 3 year period.

    Put together some numbers (cost) for a budget request, and line up a crew for assembly and finish work needed.

    Remember... Budget requests are due very soon for the upcoming year.

    If you need contact info for Roger, shoot me a PM and I'll get that for you.
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    I keep nudging Rodger every now and then, when we are talking, about making benches for the Threshermans Memorial Building (TMB). He mentioned, he has, if I remember correctly, 12 brackets left for building more benches.

    This would be a good start to replace those Heavy Goliathan theatre seats. The wood for the new benches could possibly come from Earl's Saw Mill.

    Rodger would have the cost of making the metal brackets he designed for building the benches.
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    Amen from the Style Show gals! Tim has done the daunting task of setting up those theatre seats and cinder block benches for too many years. Let's work on our infrastructure eh? I don't even know where to start for a budget request, but we'll add that to the list. ;)
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    Someone just has to get in touch with Roger and chat with him about it. You need to find out if he will build the brackets, and what they will cost. I am sure show lumber was used on the Nelson building benches... hopefully they cut enough wood to get you started this year.

    If he will work with you, all you need is a big crew to saw, drill, bolt, varnish and assemble! Probably could knock a couple of dozen of them out in a day if you can round up enough bodies!

    I have been involved many times tearing down the Nelson Building (I store some of my stuff in there so I have to help up there) and it goes really fast! They fold nicely to stack on the stage. I think you are all on the right track!
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