Attention Rumely 2022 parade route information


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This is for all rolling through the parades, not just exhibitors of our feature. After the steam engine plays its chimes and both Canada and USA anthems, the Rumely expo pieces will be FIRST to go through the parade, single file..... followed by small gas tractors, large prairie tractors, steam engine bringing up the rear. We will be resonating this through the next month, tell your friends and other operators too. We want feature tractors to be across the RR tracks 15 minutes BEFORE the parade is to start. Reason being as the train crosses, it stops everything and slow tractors don't catch up easily.. we will post this on other WMSTR pages, and on main web site. Again....Rumely feature pieces FIRST.



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I know it's brought up every year but can the show move to one parade a day?
It has gotten so large that it has almost become a continuous circle of equipment