Attention Rumely 2022 parade route information


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This is for all rolling through the parades, not just exhibitors of our feature. After the steam engine plays its chimes and both Canada and USA anthems, the Rumely expo pieces will be FIRST to go through the parade, single file..... followed by small gas tractors, large prairie tractors, steam engine bringing up the rear. We will be resonating this through the next month, tell your friends and other operators too. We want feature tractors to be across the RR tracks 15 minutes BEFORE the parade is to start. Reason being as the train crosses, it stops everything and slow tractors don't catch up easily.. we will post this on other WMSTR pages, and on main web site. Again....Rumely feature pieces FIRST.

I know it's brought up every year but can the show move to one parade a day?
It has gotten so large that it has almost become a continuous circle of equipment
**Announcements about Parade Numbers**

LONG post - but lots of info!!
We are trying something a little different this year to hopefully help with the mass parade number window registration requirements that come in as people bring in equipment and register it. AND to help with the change of the Expo equipment coming thru FiRST in the parades daily.
We plan to be OPEN the SAME WINDOW HOURS as the Admin windows are… so come this Saturday- the 27th thru the show- you can stop by the parade window in the admin office after you register. ( or you pick up your pre registration packets if you have questions/concerns).
IF you sent in your parade forms with your PRE registration forms to the admin office- you will also pick up your parade numbers WITH your pre registration packet from admin window ( NO need to stop in with the parade window ). Anyone that registers starting Saturday through show that requires a parade number will be directed to the parade number window in the admin office.
HOWEVER- there are numbers from previous years that have been assigned- but never picked up! PLEASE - If you think you have one, please stop at the window and we can check quickly. If you no longer own that piece of equipment, or you have sold it and it remains as a piece of parade equipment, please stop and see us so we can update the owner information.
If you were assigned a gold number previously and you need a reprint of it - Please stop and see us and we will get you one made in time for the the first parade.  If you were unsure if you have a number, please stop and see us and we can look it up quickly for you and get you a replacement.
Please place all gold numbers on the FRONT of your equipment when going through the parade… This is a change that we are trying to get updated across the board - for everyome ( visitors and volunteers )
If you have a change or update needed to a piece of equipment, as in operator name or whatever for the parade announcer, please stop and see us so we can get it updated prior to the parades.
As with anything- please feel free to reach out anytime with any questions! We can research our records accordingly to try and help with it! If you want to private message me ( Jo Lynn ) anytime- with any questions/corncerns… I am happy to assist as best as I can!
As this is the master database that is used not only for parades, but also in the show book, any information that can be done and updated prior to parades will only benefit and give proper identification wherever and whenever it is needed. There are often times when the database is referenced after the show because all they have is the number on the piece of equipment, so if the database is not updated correctly to the current information, it is very difficult to properly ID people or equipment at that time.
The more we do ahead of time, the less time you will spend waiting on us… And we all know time is important!

It’s almost show time… who is excited??
— with Jean Siirila and Rachel Morgan.