Attention New Users!

m kerkvliet

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There are a lot of you showing up here lately! Welcome to the forum!

Remember, when you register you need to check the e-mail address you used to register. The forum will send you a message with a link that you need to follow back here to complete the registration process. If you do not do this, your registration will be incomplete and your access to the forum will be limited. You will not be able to post anything.

Also, remember if you are a lifetime member of WMSTR, send an e-mail to Vern Nanosky and let him know who you are (real name) and your membership number if you know it. This will get you access to the members only area of the forum.

Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the forum!
How would I do that to become a "lifetime" member? What's the email address? Where do I get my number? I still have my registration email if that has it. Nice site. Did you ever see the Yesterday's Tractors site? It is a pretty nice site too. :)
W.M.S.T.R. always needs new volunteers to work on projects during the summer and to help with running the show in the fall. We invite anyone that is not a member that has an interest in our show to become a member and help out. You must be a member before you can volunteer on the grounds or on “off site projects”. Our show is family friendly and we do all that we can to keep it that way.

$25.00 gets you a lifetime membership. To be an active member you must donate at least 8 hours of volunteer labor during the summer and a 2 hour shift per day the four days of the show. Jobs that qualify for the 2 hour shifts are listed on sign up sheets in the administration building at the top of Steamer Hill. Project descriptions and coordinator information can also be found at the administration building or in the member’s only part of this forum.

You must fill out an application and an insurance waiver and submit with your $25.00.

Forms are available in the administration building on the hill.

Otherwise try this link... to send an E-mail to the secretary asking for a membership application.

Welcome to the group.