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Discussion in 'Site Questions' started by M Kerkvliet, Mar 16, 2007.

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    (This is a copy of a thread in the general discussion area... just in case you missed it there!)

    If you are a lifetime member of the WMSTR, you need to let us know.

    It was not originally intended for people to be "stealth" on this board, but is seems that is a hard sell for some folks.

    We are asking that you set up a signature in your user settings that identifies yourself in some way... i.e. I have mine set to "Mark" and my user name gives the rest away... If my mug didn't do it for you! :biglaugh:

    The reason we need to know if you are a WMSTR member, is because we have a special forum set up that is only visible to WMSTR members. We may add more incentives as we build this site up into bigger and better things.

    For now, if you are not seeing the "WMSTR Members Only" forum, please send a PM to Vern... "vnanosky" and let him know who you are so he can confirm you are a member and set your permissions on this forum as such.

    Send a message to Vern HERE

    Thanks folks!
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