Any interest in high speed camera work?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by NoDak, May 4, 2019.

  1. NoDak

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    Good day everyone. As I said in my other thread, my dad brought my brother and I to Rollag almost ever year when we were kids and nowadays I still try to get there every couple years.

    I wanted to ask and see if there was any interest by anyone for some high speed videography. Now that I have some experience shooting high-speed video, I'm trying to build this as a side business to my day job, but for WMSTR I'd be willing to donate my time and use of my camera equipment.

    My camera is a Chronos 1.4 that I've upgraded to a 32 GB frame buffer, allowing me to record up to 16 seconds at a time. (1,000 FPS to 38,000+ FPS) Here are some examples of footage that I have shot with this camera.

    At WMSTR, I can imagine high speed video being useful to document the operation of exhibits as well as for troubleshooting when things are going wrong; seeing exactly what is happening when things are operating at full speed.

    I have a variety of lenses as well as some high-wattage photography LED lights for shooting indoors.

    If there's no interest that's fine. Just let me know.

    Thanks for your time and have a great day.
  2. M Kerkvliet

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    Very cool work! I think you could really make some interesting video of all kinds of activity going on during the show.

    You should shoot a note to the Board of Directors ( and perhaps someone there could point you in the direction, or put you in touch with someone who could work with you on some ideas...!

    Thank you for sharing!
  3. craig mattson

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    That would make for some neat footage of some of the valving on some of these engines. Brings a whole new respect to the mechanics of the valving when you can see it slow enough to see what actually is happening.
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  4. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi ND

    If you wanted to get up close to a running steam engine, it might be easier to do on Steam School Weekend. The crowd is a lot smaller and engineers may be willing to take the extra time for set up.

    I won't be able at Rollag that weekend, so I can't volunteer to help you make connections. I hope someone else comes along that will be there that weekend that will work with you.

    Jerry Christiansen
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