AC Flags for sale after the show

Discussion in '2010 Allis Expo' started by Myrtle, Aug 23, 2010.

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    The 99 AC flags that we will put up for the Expo we will be selling for $20 each after the show is over, there are 3 flag styles, we have 33 flags of each style. The flags are 3ft x 5ft.
    1, is a Orange Fabric flag with the Diamond AC logo in blue
    2, is a Cream Fabic flag with the Diamond AC logo in Orange & Blue,
    3, is a White fabric Flag with ...the Newer AC Triangle Logo in Orange & Black.

    Flags will be availabe for pickup sometime after the last parade on Monday of the show.

    PM or Email or call me if you are interested in putting your name down for one or 3...

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