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  1. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi all,

    In another thread, Rick W asked about winter wood cutting. That got me to thinking that the Annual Meeting is just around the corner. Our pre-meeting newsletter should be showing up soon. . . . .

    But, wasn't this group together at the Hawley Lutheran Church just last week for the Spring Meeting? Wasn't it just a few days ago that I took this picture?


    Didn't we see the raffle for the first time just a couple days ago?


    Wasn't it just a day or two later that we gathered at Larson Welding for Steam Up and saw the 50Hp Case roll out for the first time with its new boiler?


    And, as usual at Steam Up we saw kids playing in the mud puddles?


    Wow, that was all back in April.
    What pictures do others have to share on a little trip through 2019 of things related to Rollag and other steam shows? Feel free to add pictures with a comment or two.

    Jerry Christiansen

  2. Jerry Christiansen

    Jerry Christiansen Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Back for more reflections.

    The Spring Meeting and Steam Up were both in April. I didn't go to any shows or events in May. Working on the Prony Brake storage building took up most of May, this thread tells that story that started after the 2018 show.

    Steam School is always Father's Day Weekend. Some years the weekend for the Hawk Museum near Wolford conflicts with Steam School. This was one of those years. We were at the Hawk and not at Steam School. I can't believe I don't have a single picture from this year's Hawk. Their website has pictures. This year's show was wet.

    Jane and I were part of the Rollag Memorial ride.

    Mostly back sides in this picture. Let's try again.

    That is better, a couple more front sides. We had a great ride with good weather.
    The rest of June was working on the Prony Brake building.

    More later,
    Jerry Christiansen
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  3. Jerry Christiansen

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    More reflections,

    Anyone reading this is welcome to add pictures and reflections from the 2019 show season.

    July was a busy month. A 'new' steam engine showed up. I was using the fork lift and was asked to lift a piece in place.

    I am on the forklift, Al S is on the platform and Ned is on the back side of the engine. One day during the show, a couple fellows were talking with my by the Blue Brake and this engine came toward us heading for the parade. One fellow said, "That looks a lot like the engine I had." As the engine pasted us he knew it used to be his. I encouraged him to catch up with the engine and talk with the crew. I think Al and Jo were on the engine at the time. Hopefully one of the crew will bring us up to speed on how that meeting went.

    2019 was the first year of Rollagology.

    Blacksmiths were busy.


    Gas engines were started


    Grain separation was explained.
    Grain separation stated in a classroom setting, then went out to a couple separators and had some hands on. There were plans to get members of the class that were interested together one day during the show and follow up as the threshing machine was running.

    We had a first this year. We took the Blue Brake to Crosby.

    We had good weather, met some new friends, saw some old friends and had a good time.
    The only down side of the weekend was the belt breaking demonstration that we put on. Hopefully the fellow that Jeff L knows will be able to fix it for us.

    I thought this sign on the door of a pickup was interesting.


    I believe this is a 40Hp Case.

    If anyone knows any more about this engine, please share.

    Of course we worked on the Prony Brake shed.

    More later,
    Jerry Christiansen

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  4. cjmlarson

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    Well we were this close to sawing with the 150 and the Russell! Turned out the governor was a little crabby and wanted to run too fast. After much troubleshooting by Kory, Kevin, and Jim B it was decided to back it out so they could repair it. :(...
    One thing we found out it does fit in the mill:bannana:
    The only thing that was an issue was, We worked the snot out of the Russell with the big logs I had loaded up in the mill for it to saw. Craig worked his butt off firing it that afternoon. 150 case.jpg

    With the good driving that Kory did we did not even lose a post on the roof.
  5. Jerry Christiansen

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    You must have known that the 150 was coming when you built the roof over the sawmill and got the width just right. Taking the wheel extension off would be quite a task just to come and saw. I guess another option would be a longer belt. There are several videos on You Tube showing the 150 at Rollag this year that are in this thread. If you look on You Tube, you can find videos of the 150 at 2018 Andover show.

    Jerry Christiansen
  6. Jerry Christiansen

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    Some more look back. Feel free to add your look back.

    We spent August finishing the storage building at by the Red Brake.
    We got to see a great site at Rollag one weekend.


    The Porter engine made several laps around the grounds. Show weekend we got to see it run.

    The last weekend of August was the start of the 2018 WMSTR Show. The Case Expo was great! Thanks to all the folks that put that together.

    September 7 and 8 we went to the show at Drake. We got there early Friday evening and enjoyed nice weather. The grounds were wet. Then on Saturday, rain started falling. We still had a good time. The only picture I took was this handsome chainsaw at the auction sale.
    That thing looked like a man killer.
    On the way home, we dropped the Brake and Red Trailer off at New Rockford.

    We went back up for the Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Reunion September 20 - 22. Friday was a great day. Good weather and good friends.

    Ray W was there.

    Notice the match he uses to start his scale steam engine.

    Harvey H from Bismarck was there.

    Sarah S from Fargo helped Harvey thresh.

    Friday evening rain started to fall.


    Those are Ray's engines sitting in the water. Harvey's separator is under the white tarp in the upper center of the picture.

    Some folks didn't let a little moisture dampen the fun.

    Yes, a head of steam and driving around through the water.


    After a bit, he hooked the portable behind the tender and dragged it around, too.

    We did some Braking.

    I don't remember which engine we had in the belt here.
    Later on, the American Able came by to play. We borrowed a belt that looked heavier to run the Able.
    The belt wasn't as good as it first looked. This is what we found when we quit pulling.


    That is how close we were to doing a belt breaking demonstration.

    If you look closely above the belt, you can see some blue sky in the back ground.

    That my friends was a little look back at 2019, starting with the Spring Meeting. The Budget meeting happened yesterday, 19 October. The Annual Meeting is next Saturday, 26 October. I hope to see a bunch of you at the Hawley Lutheran Church for the meeting next weekend.

    Jerry Christiansen

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  7. Ray Wangler

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    Sure had fun in that puddle at New Rockford, isn't it funny how a mud puddle will attract kids of all ages? (see the last picture in post #1 of this thread). Drew a fair sized crowd too, most of them wanted to see me wade out there when I got stuck! Truth be told, I half expected it too! Thanks for posting Jerry!
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