2023 fall wood cutting


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Not going to even try to name everyone!!
We had about 5 skid steers, three log splitters, and many many chain saws,
That is what was on the show grounds, I don't even know haw many people and chainsaws were out cutting the trees.
I think there was three maybe four pickups and trailers hauling back to show grounds. all I can say is they covered us up splitting the wood!!

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Sorry for the doubles trying to learn how this forum works as of now.
Some are of slab wood cutting others of splitting logs.
wood cutting8.jpgwood cutting9.jpg
Did not get a picture at the end of the day but Andy Meyers thinks he counted about 90 tote that got filled.
There is lots more to be cut and split next spring but we made great progress today.
To All,
Thanks to everyone involved.
Looks like one of the better, beautiful, Nov wood cutting days for all of you.
Enjoyed all the pictures!
(I really was hoping to be out there for this, but I'm dealing with quadriceps tendinitis just above my right knee. I'm using my walker, as its tough getting around at this time).
Take care, Karl