2022 Video Release - Rumely Feature


WMSTR Lifetime Member
Hey all, if you haven't been keeping tabs on our YouTube page (if not, why haven't you subscribed yet?) or seen the posts on Facebook, the 2022 video has been released!

The entire playlist is located here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIDrLBXwO5u8r7U0CQ5DtnAv7Jr698oWH

We have dropped a few video segments already, but the main portion of this year's feature will be released starting Thursday evening. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel, and enable those post notifications for an alert when new segments are live!

Chris and I upgraded our cameras this season and have been able to shoot in beautiful 4K footage. Along with the new gear, we were able to capture far more footage and while editing everything together was an easier process we had close to double the amount of raw footage to sift thru!

Thanks to all for making themselves available for interviews and demonstrations. We know not everyone likes being in front of the camera.

Tim & Chris