2022 Plate Progress

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi everyone,

Look what got returned after being hardened.


That is the die for this year's plate. Don't panic because it looks backwards, that is how it works.

Ron R and Merle M putting the die set back together after putting the new die and punch in.


Then the die set went back into the press.
Merle is running the forming press while Ron looks over the first strip of plates.


Two strips ready to go through the trim die. I didn't get any pictures of the trimming because I was running the press.


Final product for this year. After this short run, the punch was taken back out so it can get sent off to be hardened. We usually don't harden the punch until after proofing the plate. That makes it much easier to grind certain parts off the punch if needed to get a good image.

When the punch get back, we will pick a date and make plates.

Jerry Christiansen


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Great looking plate!!! I'm excited to add it to the collection