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2020 Souvenir Plate

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Jerry Christiansen, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Jerry Christiansen

    Jerry Christiansen Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Hi everyone,

    This evening Merle M and I met with Ron R at Peter Kieffer's shop. Ron is the fellow that does the die work for the souvenir plates. We 'proofed' the die. After we do the 'proofing', the die is sent off to be heat treated. Right now there are four 2020 plates in existence. I will drop one of at Larson Welding tomorrow (23 July). If you stop by and ask nicely, maybe the ladies will let you touch it. ;)...

    Here is a picture.

    2020 plate.jpg

    Wow, the plate looks out of round! Getting a picture of a shiny object is difficult. Trust me, the plat is round and all the letter show up nicely.

    If you look in the newsletter that arrived the other day, you will see how you can purchase your own plate. Right now there are NO plates ready for sale. The one at Larson welding is for display only.

    Jerry Christiansen

  2. dachtera

    dachtera Videographer/Web Administrator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Hello all - We have the PRE-ORDER available online now on our website! If you're interested in buying a plate, you can click the link here to be brought to our official Rollag online store!


  3. Jerry Christiansen

    Jerry Christiansen Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for setting this up!
    As soon as we 'run' the plates we will get the word out and get some to you.

    Thanks to everyone for purchasing a plate!

    Jerry Christiansen

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