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2019 Gas Engine area picnic and potluck

Discussion in 'Stationary Gas and Diesel Engines' started by jswithers, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. jswithers

    jswithers WMSTR Lifetime Members WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Our annual picnic in the gas engine area will be Sunday July 7, 2019. This is an invite to all friends of the gas engine area. Even if you are not a regular part of the gas engine area. Every year we seem to get a lot of help in the off season and during the show from all areas of the show. This is our way of showing appreciation for what all you do. We can't do it without you. Plus you get to take a break from whatever you're doing and enjoy some good food and fellowship with others from the show.

    In the past we have tried to do this on a Saturday but it seems our "normal" Saturday already has an event scheduled. And it seems like work schedules and life in general seem to get in the way. We did it on a Sunday last year and it did seem to work out ok. Burgers, brats, and hotdogs will be provided. I will be grilling. Please feel free to bring a dish to share.

    We look forward to seeing you there up by the gas engine feature building. We will be eating around noon.
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  2. craig mattson

    craig mattson Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    There is always a good crowd for the picnic up there! Looking forward to it. There's alot that goes on up that way during the off season fun to catch up with folks
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  3. ottocollection

    ottocollection Intermediate Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Just a reminder that the Gas Engine Picnic is this Sunday.
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  4. frigstad

    frigstad Senor Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    I'll bring the watermelon.
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  5. frigstad

    frigstad Senor Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Thanks to all the folks that bought the delicious food to the gas engine area picnic. Kudos once again to Jeff and Jeremy for the outstanding burgers and brats. We had over 30 volunteers attending. A great meal and fellowship was enjoyed by all.
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