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Discussion in 'WMSTR Video Production' started by cjmlarson, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. cjmlarson

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    Tim.......... This video is one of your best. Before I start, This is all personal opinion. So don't everybody get in a big tizzy. :hide:
    No boring parade :like: The beginning where many of the featured tractors being started and talked about was very good. And with out a parade you were able to show so much more of the show then any of the other DVDs. You showed some areas of the show that we do not ever get to see because of how busy we are during the show.

    Now some may like the parade and that is fine, but personally I enjoy seeing more areas of whats going on during the show.

    Now if we can just get more people to help you narrate in some areas it could be even better.:woohoo1:
  2. craig mattson

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    I agree this was one of the best DVDs in my opinion also. A lot of footage of not so commonly seen areas. Nice Job!
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  3. M Kerkvliet

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    Guess I should buy one! You have me curious now... I have seen plenty of parades too.

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