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    I've gotten a couple requests through the WMSTR facebook page for how to get projects on the list and where to find a list of projects to refer volunteers to, so I thought this would be a good thread to get going for next summer....starting with Jerry's list from the old thread:

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    Lots of "paint" here... Have paint sprayer, power washer+heater, experience, will travel. When warm... Any available info on desired paint products, colors, preferred suppliers, and/or info pertaining to tax exempt status or accounts with said suppliers would be helpful.

    Repairs are the huge variable here. I'd suggest an option to break things down into "fix" and "paint." Please correct me if my mental imagery is failing me, but I don't see an egregious amount of total square footage or any decorative pencil-brush work in the list above.

    Assuming that all the paint needs in the above list can be properly done with a broad brush, given sufficient communication and barring untimely death, incapacitation, nuclear attack, civil unrest or Acts of God, I'll volunteer to "paint" anything in the above list that somebody else "fixes." As far as my end is concerned, I'll submit a check in the amount of reimbursable receipts up to $1K of paint & supplies, if that's an acceptable mechanism for working around the timelines of the budgeting process, and I can get a receipt (30% off!!!) for tax purposes.

    And if the total goes a few bucks over, or if something else needs to be added to the list, talk to me. I wanna help:)

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