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2015 Feature Special Event Membership Form

Discussion in '2015 Feature - Blacksmithing' started by dachtera, May 26, 2015.

  1. dachtera

    dachtera Videographer/Web Administrator WMSTR Lifetime Member


    If you are visiting us for our 2015 show and demonstrating or exhibiting equipment, you will need to fill out the special event forms.

    - Special Event Membership
  2. cadams

    cadams Junior Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    All smiths interested in joining us for 2015, are welcome to come and show off their skills. The special event membership acts as your daily pass, $20 for the show. There are particulars that you should be aware of concerning our show. Private sales or their solicitation is not allowed. All proceeds from items sold by the smiths go to WMSTR. Coal and steel will be provided for your use. Any unique fuel or materials used would need to be known and approved of before the show. Please bring your own equipment if possible. The grounds are patrolled by the Clay County Sheriffs but a locking tool chest would be a good idea. The show will have forges and anvils for communal use but their numbers are limited. If you have any questions, please join this forum and we will try to answer them. Private message me through a conversation if you prefer.

    Attendance of a safety meeting for smiths is required. Safety of the public and your fellow smiths should be your first consideration.

    If you've never been to our show before this is a great opportunity to come and take part in the fun. A huge number of people come through the grounds over the weekend, so be prepared to answer a lot of questions and show off your skills.
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  3. M Kerkvliet

    M Kerkvliet WMSTR Past President Administrator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Great post Clint! You summed up everything very well!

    Anyone who has never been to our reunion is in for a treat! Be sure to take some time for yourselves and see everything else we have going on over the weekend... and :Welcome: !

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