1. dachtera

    2019 DVD - Case Expo!

    Hello! We are opening the PRE-ORDER for our 2019 DVD starting today. They are expected to be back from the Vendor in December, and orders should be filled in time for Holiday delivery (within the continental US). Nearly 2 hours of footage of this year's Case Expo, and over an hour dedicated to...
  2. dachtera

    2019 Video Content

    Hello Everyone! With our 2019 show coming up soon, Chris and I are looking for anyone exhibiting one of our featured items this year for inclusion into our 2019 show DVD. If you're interested in sharing information about your exhibit (on or off camera of course) please contact me and we can...
  3. dachtera

    2018 DVD Released!

    Hello! Our 2018 DVD are IN! Pre-Orders have been shipped out earlier today, and should arrive before Christmas! - You may order your copy today online at https://rollag.com/shop/2018-dvd/. 60 DVDs have been sent to Larson Welding in Fargo too, available Wednesday for $15.00