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  1. craig mattson
    craig mattson Gretchen94
    Welcome to the forum Gretchen!!
  2. cowgirl1
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    SMOKEY louie
    John Cress is looking for Klingers address, he wants to send him some paper work I think it's on his camper at the show.
    Right now he has a bad address for him, for his paper came back to him that he sent.
    If you know his address or someone else who does, have them send it to john.
    His email address is:
    Jim Rauch
  4. jnielsen
    jnielsen Ray Wangler
    Jeff and Cory Nielsen tried to signup for the blacksmith class and it will not let us pay
  5. gary nelson
    gary nelson pathill
    pat we are heading to the hill this coming weekend we would like to move some dirt from the ortner to were we want to set up 1/2 scale park just down from the ridgway saw just making sure the board would be on board with that we should be at the board meeting on fri also lp gas tank for ridgway
  6. Burt Swen
  7. craig mattson
    craig mattson Ashley Kerkvliet
    Welcome to the Forum Ashley!
  8. Ray Wangler
    Ray Wangler louie
    Hi Louie! Any word on what we're working next weekend?
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  9. craig mattson
    craig mattson Mrs. Ned (Liz)
    Welcome to the Forum Liz!
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  10. Lee
    Lee Ray Wangler
    Good morning Ray. I mailed a copy of the photos to Daniel Mock of Braddock ND. Not sure if he is still involved or if you know him. I think I have another copy around if you would like to have one. Have a great day
  11. dclong
    dclong ottocollection
    Hi Kevin! I'm Dawn Long. I am on the nominating committee this year. We've added you to the list of nominees for director. I wanted to verify you would be willing to run again this year. If I remember correctly, you ran last year as well. If you could let me know, that'd be great. Thank you!! Dawn
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    2. ottocollection
      Yes I will.
      Sep 14, 2017
    Good morning every one, look forward ! to this year s show
  13. craig mattson
    craig mattson Megan Thompson
    Welcome to the Forum Megan
  14. Belgianblue
    Workers eat shack roof done
  15. crystalaakre
    crystalaakre M Kirschenman
    Hey Mark! What's the best way to get ahold of you? I have a question on the WMSTR facebook and I think you are the person to contact....
    "Can you tell me who is in charge of foundry and a number to call him want info on pattern making"
    Can you help?
    1. M Kirschenman
      M Kirschenman
      Hi Crystal. My number is 763-258-4666.
      Aldin Grahn is in charge of the foundry His number is 507-383-5597
      Another guy who makes patterns is Bob Wohlin 209-217-6669
      Jul 28, 2017
  16. craig mattson
    craig mattson Blair McKee
    Welcome to the Forum Blair!
  17. Belgianblue
    Want to thank everyone it was a long day Saturday but the roof on eat shack is half done looks awesome
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  18. the_nelsons58
    m For sale:: 1958 100sp Allis Chalmers combines
  19. craig mattson
    craig mattson Donna Thiel
    Welcome to the forum Donna!
  20. craig mattson
    craig mattson Scott Steer
    Welcome to the forum Scott!
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