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    I am hoping to bring our Reeves 25 to this year's show. It has current ND certificate. What would I need to do?
    Also, I have a MN operators license, but have lost it. How do I get duplicate?

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    The inspection from North Dakota should be sufficient to operate the boiler. Bring all pf you inspection information, UT readings and current operating certificate. We brought in a boiler from North Dakota last year and it had a visual inspection only. Here is a copy of the Minnesota Statue, see 3 d.
    2016 Minnesota Statutes

    Subdivision 1.Definition.

    For the purpose of sections 326B.95 to 326B.998, the term "historical boiler" means a boiler that is used only for display and demonstration purposes. The terms "historical boiler," "show boiler," "steam farm traction engine," and "hobby boiler" are synonymous. In recognition of the historical significance of show boilers in maintaining a working reminder of Minnesota's agricultural, transportation, and lumber industries, show boilers and engines are considered to be historical artifacts.

    Subd. 2.Inspection.

    (a) Historical boilers shall be inspected every two years. All historical boilers shall be inspected by ultrasonic examination and hydrostatic testing, alternating the type of inspection every two years. Any historical boiler not previously inspected in Minnesota shall be subject to both ultrasonic examination and hydrostatic testing prior to operation unless the historical boiler has a current operating certificate under paragraph (d).

    (b) Except as provided in paragraph (d), historical boilers must display a certificate of inspection issued by the department before use.

    (c) Standards for inspection of historical boilers shall be those established by the National Board Inspection Code ANSI/NB23 and by the rules adopted by the department and as follows:

    (1) the boiler may be subjected to other methods of nondestructive examination, at the owner's expense, as deemed necessary by the boiler inspector to determine soundness and safety of the boiler;

    (2) if a historical boiler has any longitudinal cracks in riveted longitudinal seams, the vessel shall be sealed and not approved for use in Minnesota. If the historical boiler is jacketed, the jacket must be removed prior to inspection; and

    (3) repairs and alterations made to historical boilers must be made pursuant to the National Board Inspection Code ANSI/NB34.

    (d) If a historical boiler has not been inspected in Minnesota and has a current operating certificate issued by another state or Canadian province, then that historical boiler can be operated in Minnesota without inspection in Minnesota as long as:

    (1) the chief boiler inspector has determined that the requirements for certification in the other state or Canadian province are equal to or greater than the requirements for certification in Minnesota;

    (2) the historical boiler displays the certificate from the other state or Canadian province; and

    (3) the historical boiler is not operated in Minnesota for more than two years without inspection in Minnesota.

    As for your operator license, you are listed as a Minnesota Hobby Boiler Operator in the lookup that is online under Minnesota Hobby Boilers. Contract the Minnesota License Department and for a fee I am sure that you can get a replacement.
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    Thank you. Who do I let know if I am coming? What day should I arrive? Thanks.
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    I'd recommend you arrive at least a week early..........stop by my campsite and I'll reward your arrival with a cool refreshment and smart talk................every evening before the show if you wish! Seriously, Melvin, it'll be great to see you and your 25 back at Rollag. Obviously, when you get there is up to you, but there are a lot of people around the whole week prior to help you get situated. The expo committee will be posting here as things move on, but please feel free to call me, or Tom, or anyone else in the steam community for assistance and we'll help. Good luck and looking forward to seeing you in August. I'll pm you my cell phone number..........stop by when you're in Bismarck and I'll buy you dinner!
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    It's a long shot. Harvest always makes it tough. Last year could not even come see show, much less participate. SAT on combine, crying!
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  6. Ray Wangler

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    You gotta make hay when the sun shines in your business for sure! Hopefully mother nature is kind to you and it'll all be safe in the bin with plenty of time to come early. Good luck for the springs work.

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