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    Started the process of getting all the parts together for the building of a green chain. For those of you that are wondering what a green chain is, it is what brings the green logs or uncut logs up to the carriage. We are rolling them at this point and that can get to be tricky and dangerous when they are wet from rain and or when they are not nice and round. Especially when they are quite large.

    A couple years ago I found some chain that came out of a wrecked live bottom semi trailer. This is where the work started.

    This is the belting after I removed the chain from it.

    This is the chain with all the ears that are welded to the chain that were bolted to the cross members on the belting. So I needed to remove all the welded on ears on both chains.:build:

    This was a very daunting task :help2:. There was 4 ears welded on every foot and each chain was 84 feet long which is 336 ears times two chains that = 672 ears that needed to be remove :eek:.

    All I can say is uffda. But this part is complete and yes I am sore:(.

    This shows one of the completed chains and rolled up and ready to be moved out side.
    This chain will ride on top of the rail road rail that is already being used. I will drive this chain hydraulically .
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    Hi Clayton,

    Another interesting project. I am glad to see you had a cat scan done on the chain. Apparently no defects were found and the chain is usable.

    Jerry Christiansen
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