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  1. dachtera

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    Hello All!

    Chris and I are excited to announce the completion of the 2016 DVD featuring the Minneapolis Expo. It is being sent to the vendor today for production, and I'll post an update when I have a delivery schedule. We expect it to be available before Christmas. I will ship a case to Larson Welding when I have them back, along with adding the pre-order from our online store shortly, which will be $20.00 and includes shipping to the US.

    There is a lot of Minneapolis footage, some music, some interviews and lots of great engines to listen to. As with each year Chris and I struggle to get a sufficient number of interviews on or off camera or general information about exhibits. I'm placing a notice out now, for the 2017 feature, we would really love to get a good number of responses from folks who would like to contribute to the DVD with interview, history of your exhibit etc. You don't need to be shown on the DVD if you're not comfortable, however, information would be great, either written down for us or spoken as a 'Voice Over'

    Here is a link to the Online Pre-Order: Pre-Order

    Thanks to all that contributed to the DVD this year, we think it is the best one yet. Also, thanks to Crystal for the use of her great artwork we used in the DVD.

    It takes a few of us to assemble the footage, but it takes a great group of people to come together to make it possible for me and Chris to put together the final DVD!

    - Tim
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    In addition to our own DVD production, Joe Mischka of "Rural Heritage" magazine was on the grounds during the Show and produced a DVD mostly of the "Turn of the Century" farm. It will be aired on RFD TV on January 17, 2017. I just received a copy and he did a good job of showing all the activities that go on in the Horse Area. He did include a few clips of other areas.

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  3. dachtera

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    Hello! Those of you who ordered the 2016 DVD Pre-Order, they are being shipped TODAY to you. If you have not ordered yet, you may do so here: http://wmstrmedia.org/shop/2016-dvd/ and they may arrive in time for the Holidays if placed by Tuesday.

    There is also a quantity being sent to Larson Welding, and they should be available late Monday, or Tuesday.
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    I added it to the calendar on my phone. Will have to watch it!

    Looking forward to seeing Tim and Chris's WMSTR video too!
  5. dachtera

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    The DVD's from the 2016 MTM expo are at the Hill! There should be some available in the General store this weekend to purchase!
  6. donnellythresher

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    think I ordered one then lent it to a friend who has yet to return it will have to ask him

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